Bästa Trådlösa & Bluetooth Hörlurar 2020

How do I choose the best wireless headphones?

Best wireless headphonesThere are three main categories of wireless headphones : real wireless earbuds like AirPods and AirPods Pro, full-size wireless noise-canceling headphones (led by Bose and Sony), and all the budget for wireless headphones that dominate the list of bestsellers on Amazon – because there are many consumers who do not can afford the more advanced models and is looking for a cheap wireless headphones that provide good value and good sound for lower prices.

Whether you are listening to music while running, working out in the gym, riding the train or just walking around, here’s finding out if wireless is best for you and what headphones you can buy.

Think about what and when you listen

Let’s be fair – even if you’re a die-hard audiophile – someone who loves to just sit and listen to your music for that full, deep, immersive experience – the times you can use wireless headphones are probably not when you really should appreciate your music.

For example, if you commute on the bus or subway, or go for a drive, or even work out at the gym, you are probably not really focused on the nuances of the music. You need it to help you get through the last mile, or drown out the sound of the train or your chatty car-pool friend, but it’s hardly time to really dive into the finer points of the guitars in your favorite song, or really appreciate the song. selection of your favorite singers.

More likely, you need headphones that also allow a sense of what is happening around you, but still block some outside noise. This is called “isolation” (the acronym for “outside blocking or unwanted noise”) and is ideal if you plan to wear your wireless headphones in public.

Best Wireless Headphones 2020:

In-ear headphones

huawei freebuds 3

> Huawei – Free Buds 3

Jabra - Elite Active 75t

> Jabra – Elite Active 75t

Bang and Olufsen - Beoplay E8 3rd Gen

> Bang and Olufsen –  Beoplay E8 3rd Gen

Earphones with strap or strap

TaoTronics - MSRP

> TaoTronics – MSRP

JBL - Endurance Peak

> JBL – Endurance Peak

Sandberg - Waterproof Bluetooth Earphones

> Sandberg – Waterproof Bluetooth Earphones

Over-ear headphones

Bose - Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

> Bose – Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Miiego - Boom ANC

> Miiego – Boom ANC

Sennheiser - HD 350BT

> Sennheiser – HD 350BT

Best Bluetooth headphones best in test 2020

  1. AKG Y50BT
  2. Bowers & Wilkins PI3
  3. Bose SoundSport Wireless
  4. Sennheiser Momentum Free
  5. Apple AirPods Pro
  6. Shure Aonic 50
  7. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700
  8. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 On-Ear Wireless

These premium wireless noise cancelers look great, offer great functionality and sound great.

Things to look for when buying Bluetooth headphones

Not all Bluetooth headsets are the same – not only in price (from about ten dollars to almost $ 200) and features, but also in terms of usability. Some of these differences may be absolute, others may be a matter of YMMV (Your Milage May Vary).

Based on the ones I’ve tried, reviewed, looked at and talked to my technology colleagues, here are some tips on what to look for – and watch out for – when choosing a Bluetooth headset for use with phones in particular mobile phones (and mobile phones) devices that act as telephones).

1. Uses a USB port (and cable) charge, none of the special contents of the headset’s side connector

The charging port on the headset must be a standard USB port (micro or mini). (The other end should be a standard USB connector, which allows you to charge from a powered USB port on a desktop or laptop computer, or a USB charger.)

This reduces the number of cables or adapters you have in your travel kit and on the desk – and means that if you forget or lose the cable, you can easily borrow one from someone or pick it up affordable from any office / electronics store, or even from many convenience / drug stores .

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For example, I liked the Aliph Jawbone’s Bluetooth headset in every other way, but their first two versions used their own cables with grotesquely easily bendable wires. (Fortunately, they seem to have fixed it, from their new Jawbone ICON line.)

2. Secure ear loop. Or as I have doubled it, “Ear-tenacity”

I find headsets that expect a tight fit in the ear to keep them in place as optimistic, especially if the head moves at all, such as when walking down the street, up and down stairs, spinning after a bus or subway or fly, or shake your head when you do not agree with anyone. I have lost at least one Bluetooth headset, without noticing that it was gone until I had clearly gone away where it popped out of my ear. So I prefer one that offers an in-ear loop, or whatever.

Look for an ear loop that does not come off the headset easily. I like it on the original Aliph Jawbone; Sound ID’s new 510 has been good so far as well.

Sounds good (enough) for the other party

If your voice does not come through clearly and foreign sounds are not filtered out, you must continue watching. This is where you need a “test buddy” you can call and talk to – preferably someone you can lend a headset so you can hear the other side of the experience. Your tests should include:

Get the right multi-channel experience with the communication platform as a service
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Get the right multi-channel experience with the communication platform as a service

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  • a) Speak in a normal voice or even softly enough that no one more than arm’s length away would hear. You should not have to shout.
  • b) Walking down a noisy street; trains, lawn mowers, jack hammers, etc.

4. A minimum of parts and accessories

The charging cable must be connected directly to the headset, not to any intermediate charging plate, and in general, the fewer components, the less to carry or lose. In the same way, the headset itself should not be disassembled easily, much less spontaneously.

5. Well-placed, useful controls

Remember that you are trying to control the headset by reaching up with one finger, without looking, accepting / hanging on, changing the volume and maybe something else. You do not want to hang on to someone when you try to change the volume. It may take getting used to – or you may need fingers of different sizes – or a given headset may not be for you.

6. Comfort

You can stop wearing this all day, all week.

7. Findability

When you have lost or missed it, a nice light color would be good here. So a “here I am” flashing / audio signal, which cordless phones offer, would be activatable from your phone.